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From Graffiti Wall of ricksteves.com:

"...I want to recommend Allo Philippe Taxi out of Sarlat. I just hired him for 6 days of touring in the Dordogne area of France, based upon your recommendation. He knows the area, speaks excellent English, organizes the tours based on your particular interests and is very reliable, which in the small town of Sarlat is hard to come by. This is my third tour trip with Philippe Mouret and I highly recommend him. He will also pick up at the area train stations and airports. He can get his customers into sites (especially the prehistoric caves) that other guides seem to have trouble with. I hope you keep him in your guidebook..."

Susan Trice.

Napa. Ca. USA. April 11, 2003.


"...What made getting around even more pleasant was the nicest man you could ever hope to meet: Philippe, our taxi driver and new friend. He made cave reservations for us, provided a running commentary of the region, and did it all for the same cost of a rental car for a comparable time. We enjoyed him so much that we have invited him to stay with us if he ever comes to America..."


Havre de Grace. MD. USA. August 12, 2003.


"...I concur with Shonn of Maryland. My young son & I also stayed at...in Sarlat in April, and Philippe, with his Allo Taxi service, provided our transportation and arrangements to see cave paintings and fortress castles from the 100 Years War...I know I found Philippe and Allo Taxi through Rick's book, and I'm grateful. He is a warm and charming man and helped create an itineray suited to the tastes of my 11 year old son, and arranged for us to tour Font de Gaume and Lascaux II in our tight schedule..."


Seattle. USA. September 12, 2003.


"...Had a memorable 4 hour taxi ride with Allo Philippe to Beynac, Domme, Castelnaud etc..."


Adelaide. SA. AUSTRALIA. May 18, 2004.


"...Highly recommend the following as Excellent tours and guides:

...Philippe at met us at noon at the train station after a long ride from Paris, spent 7 hours getting us to Lascaux and Font de Gaume--wonderful trip--and back barely in time for the last train. Wouldn't recommend seeing the caves or the lovely Dordogne this way, but it served our purpose. He also made the reservations for us. Font de Gaume only takes 100+ people each day..."


Houston. TX. USA. July 2, 2005.


"...We arrived by train, had a tour the next day with "allophilippetaxi" as recommended by Rick. (Absolutely fantastic and Philippe is wonderful!)..."


Lewiston. ID. USA. March 1, 2007.


"...Thank you for the information on Allo Philippe Taxi. We spent 2 weeks in the Dordogne and Philippe was exceptional: prompt, friendly, professional with a great sense of humor, and he had a comfortable vehicle. He taught us so much and we genuinely enjoyed our conversations with him. He speaks great English and his prices are fair. He made our Font de Gaume cave reservations. I corresponded with him for several months to plan a perfect trip. He moved us around 4 different days: Bordeaux and St Emilion, to Les Eyzies and Sarlat, to Gramat, and picked us up for a return to Bordeaux after we completed a week hiking trip. I know our trip was better because we connected with him. We were 2 couples traveling together and all 4 of us appreciated Philippe..."


Colorado. USA. June 8, 2007.


"...In Sarlat, we called the Allo Philippe Taxi to take us to the caves. Philippe was a entertaining guide and even managed to get us tickets to Font de Gaume cave without prior reservation. He speaks English, and will do individual tours if you would like. He knows where to go, where to eat, and what to see. Merci Philippe..."

Julie Nelson.

Calgary. AB. CANADA. June 17, 2007.


"...My friend, Barb, and I reserved Philippe Mouret's custom taxi to visit Font de Gaume and Lascaux II, a Sunday half-day tour and all that would fit because of the ill-fitting return schedule between Sarlat and Souillac. We couldn't have been more pleased and grateful to have found Philippe. He was knowledgeable, charming, helpful, accommodating, thoughtful, and inventive in finding win-win proposals and alternatives.

He happened to be at the station with his wife when our train arrived in Sarlat about 4pm on Saturday. Lucky us! We were able to plan our times and stops, show him our train schedule, and take his taxi to our hotel. His planning ensured that we were in the first tour group (limit of 12) since there where no reservations on Sunday and we were able to maximize our limited time.

Knowing we had 3 hours between Sarlat and Souillac, he proposed sharing an afternoon tour of Rouffignac and taking us directly to Souillac. it was a wonderful proposal! The price was right; the other two women were delightful; we got to see another interesting sight rather than pass time at a station; and we had a lovely sunny lunch outdoors alongside an idyllic river in Montignac while Philippe picked up the others.

Philippe found a way to make things work! He is terrific. We highly recommend him!..."


USA. July 19, 2007.


"...Philippe is knowledgeable, professional, yet very amicable and jolly. His new Toyota Land Cruiser is most comfortable, and he's quite flexible about designing the tour. It's an outstanding bargain for, say, 4 or 5 people. Far cheaper, easier and better than renting a car!..."


New Orleans. LA. USA. April 23, 2008.


"...I wanted to add that one of the best experiences of our trip was a tour with Philippe of Allo Philippe Taxi. There's no language barrier and he's an extremely pleasant fellow, jovial and friendly. He knows everybody in and around Sarlat! The tour was quite professional and completed the Dordogne loop diagrammed in your book. Thanks for the recommendation..."

Harold and Paula.

New Orleans. LA. USA. May 26, 2008.


"...Philippe was able to get us into the caves with no waiting and was a wealth of information. His insight and humor kept us entertained the entire four plus hours. I would highly recommend Philippe to anyone who would like an English speaking guide in the region (there aren't any other)..."


USA. June 23, 2008.


"...Dear Rick Steves, we'd like to share with you an experience "très jolie" we had in Sarlat, France, as a result of consulting your Rick Steves' France, 2008.

We hired Allo Philippe Taxi to tours the towns, caves and castles in the area, as well as other points of interest. Philippe was a wonderful guide. He was courteous and solicitous, anticipating all our needs. As well as being extremely knowledgeable and professional, he had a great sense of humor and make the trip great fun for us; a nice departure from the impersonal group tours and striclty business approach of other guides we have had.

We highly recommend Allo Philippe Taxi to anyone touring the area around Sarlat, especially if they wish to visit the caves, Font de Gaume, Rouffignac and Lascaux. Make arrangements with him from the states. We hope you use this endorsement in your wonderful guidebook or on your web site. Merci beaucoup..."

Linda, Irma, Dee and Lillian.

USA. August 28, 2008.


"...I had had the occasion to engage Philippe four years ago as a taxi driver, but this time he was our full day tour guide for the caves.

He was most accommodating and helpful...I think he represents the best of French souls in France. His expertise was incredible and his kind nature helped us feel very relaxed and welcomed. He treated us as if we were good friends. If we had had more time we would have extented the tour to a second day.

Thank you for recommending such a wonderful person for a tour guide..."


USA. August 17, 2009.


"...We are four people, (two couples) who have just spent a week in Sarlat (Domme) areas of the Dordogne. We used your guide book extensively to plan our trip and found it extremely useful. Perhaps the best tip you provided was the suggestion to use the services of Philippe Mouret (Allo Philippe Taxi) in Sarlat. Even though we had our own rental car, we traveled each day, all day for 6 days with Philippe to see the Dordogne. His knowledge, his contacts and his personality combined to make our week in the Perigord Noir a most memorable and enjoyable experience..."

Paul, Susan, Bill and Debbie.

USA. September 10, 2010.


"...My husband and I recently toured the southwest region of France with two of our friends and used your guide book extensively. We wish to extend extra praise to Philippe Mouret in the Sarlat area, who not only provided us with excellent taxi service, but was a very knowledgeable and a wonderful guide as well. We obtained his e-mail through your book and made plans with him in advance. We had done a walking tour for 10 days prior to arriving in Sarlat.

Philippe picked us up exactly when and where we had planned, took us to Lascaux II where he had reserved an English tour for us, waited for us, showed us the sights along the way, and was an absolute peach of a guy! He also picked us up another day and took us to Rocamadour - again a fund of information. We had many laughs, good discussions, and it was like saying goodbye to an old friend. We can most emphatically recommend Philippe!!..."

Emilie and Larry.

USA. October 12, 2011.


"...When I was a ten year old girl, some sixty years ago, I read about the "painted caves" in the Sarlat area and dreamed that one day I would be able to visit these caves.

My husband and I were planning on a trip to France, via a tour company, that would allow us to follow in the footsteps of my father who served in the U.S. Army during WWII and was stationed in many places listed on the tour. Once the date for that trip was confirmed we used your book as a reference and contacted Philippe the owner/operator of the Allo Philippe Taxi in Sarlat to see if he could make the necessary arrangements to purchase the tickets and take us to see the caves. His reply was quick and to the point. He could. Answering our inquiry as to where to stay in the old city, he recommended Hotel Madeleine. When the day arrived he met us at the airport, drove us to our hotel in Sarlat, and spent the following day driving us to each of the three caves we had chosen to explore. He made sure we arrived in plenty of time at each site, briefly explained what to expect, and patiently waited for us at the completion of the tour. What had been flat and rather monotome and small in the book I had read as a child was now three dimensional, rich in color, and overwhelming no matter the size or detail of the drawing. I can't explain the wonderment and the almost spiritual experience that these caves elicited from within me. Thanks to your recommendation, Philippe made my childhood dream became a reality..."


USA. May 15, 2012.


"...We returned today from a trip to France during which we had the good fortune to have secured the services of Philippe Mouret of Allo Philippe Taxi, for transport between Bordeaux and Sarlat and for one full and two half-days of touring in the Perigord Noir. Philippe is a knowledgeable guide and a man of great good humor. We had corresponded by e-mail a number of times and he had devised some optional plans to choose from once we had met. He was well-informed, enthusiastic, and as he often said, completely flexible. He inquired about our interests, suggested plans that accommodated us and more than once redesigned our travels based on his knowledge of distances and timeliness. He facilitated reservations for various sites, pre-arranging things for us according to his awareness of the least crowded times to enter.

He was scrupulously honest in his daily accounting and always made sure we understood the fees and could reassure him that they were what we had expected. It was great fun to travel with Philippe. We shared lively conversations in English and my "Franglais" and we laughed a lot together.

Anyone who uses his services will be rewarded with an enriched experience and a new friend..."


USA. July 25, 2012.


"...In Sarlat, France we were lucky enough to have Philippe Mouret of allophilippetaxi as our guide for two days. Your description of him is accurate but not sufficiently praiseworthy. He is very knowledgeable, considerate, patient and flexible. He is a "people-knower" who fits his services and itinerary to one's individual preferences with great skill. Our only regret was that it was such a short trip, but we hope to revisit the area with Philippe again next year.

Thank you for finding him for us..."


USA. August 11, 2012.


"...One of our highlights of the trip was the Dordogne River Valley and your recommended guide Allo Philippe Taxi. He was a delight! He was professional, punctual, knowledgeable and entertaining. He tailored our tour to fit our priorities. We must thank you for recommending him..."

Dean and Kate.

USA. October 8, 2012.


"...We did not have a car so took your advice and hired Allo Philippe Taxi for a day to drive us around the area. It was a wonderful day! He picked us up at our hotel on time with a comfortable car and drove very safely the entire day. He his a very personable guy, communicates in excellent english and seemed to know everything and everybody in the Valley. He arranged in advance for our reservations at Font de Gaume, stopped for lunch at an interesting spot, drove us to vantage points and directed walks through the villages. In short, he was everything we could have hoped for and we highly recommend him to anyone thinking of a similar outing..."

Anne and Bud.

USA. October 17, 2012.


"...Fantastic tour guide for Dordogne Valley: We recently completed a one and half-day tour with Philippe Mouret, who is recommended in Rick Steves France Guide Book. We contacted him months ago and exchanged emails on what we wanted to see in the Dordogne Valley, and he also had suggestions. He picked us up at our hotel in Sarlat in his very comfortable taxi and had made reservations for us when they were necessary. He speaks excellent English.

He adjusted our visits to what we could physically handle (we are both 75), and, in all, we had about 12 hours of lively conversation with him on many subjects. We learned and saw so much, and he enriched our travel experiences beyond our expectations..."

Diane and Chuck.

Oregon. USA. September 21, 2014.


"...I recently used another of your recommendations, Philippe Mouret, taxi, in Sarlat, France. I am a woman traveling alone by train and bus.

Philippe is spectacular: helpful, knowledgeable, kind, fair, honest, and professional. in the 35 countries where I have traveled I have never had a better experience. (As an example, he took me to two caves, and to my chateau, as agreed, but provided additional information and experiences along the way. He advised me as to continuing train travel --- wich saved me 60 plus euros in cab fare --- and meant he did not receive those 60 plus euros in cab fare.)

I thank you for his name, and strongly urge that it continues to be in your guidebooks.

I am copying him in this message only because I want him to know again of my satisfaction with his services..."


USA. September 30, 2014.


"...Thanks to Rick's suggestions, I recently visited the Lot valley and the Dordogne region of France, without a car. I don't like to drive in a foreign country, and took it as a challenge not to have a car while visiting these regions. Rick's suggestion to contact Philippe Mouret of Allo Philippe Taxi (allophilippetaxi@wanadoo.fr) worked out beautifully. Philippe met us at the Souillac train station on time, and we rode in his impeccably clean car to Sarlat la Canéda for several days. Bus from Souillac to Sarlat on Sunday was not a good option. Philippe discussed our itinerary with us to confirm our plans for Monday, and picked us up at 7:30 from our hotel (the Hotel Renoir in Sarlat) to get us on the first tour of the day at Rouffignac cave. This was quite a treat; and I'd recommend going there. After that we toured Lascaux II and returned to Sarlat.

Tuesday's itinerary included a trip to Rocamadour, capped off with a trip to the cave at Pech Merle, which were the highlight of the trip. Philippe speaks very good English, is an excellent driver and tour guide and was a delightful driver/companion for our trip. He gave us lots of background information, was a fount of information and has a great sense of humor. I'd recommend arranging tours with him, or using his taxi service. He's a thorough professional, and made our trip quite special..."


USA. August 19, 2015.

Emails to tripadvisor:

"...What a great day we had with "Allo Philippe Taxi" driving us to the lovely villages and towns surrounding Sarlat. Hesitant to rent a car and drive in a new country, not knowing the language we hired Philippe for the day. Enjoyed the conversation and company thoroughly - he speaks English very well wich was super helpful since our French was essentially nil. He was perfectly punctual - took us to towns we wanted to visit and suggested some others to stop by where a hit. He provided great history and background on the region and French culture. He had a great sense of humor as well! Although we hired him for the day, he does make longer trips or those interested. Would highly recommend him for anyone interested in touring the area!!!..."

Omar and Amie.

USA. April 18, 2009.


"...Philippe was awesome. We needed to get to Lascaux Cave on the last day it was open for the season. We emailed Philippe and he organised everything. He was very knowledgeable about Sarlat and the area as well as Lascaux Cave.

If you are in the Sarlat area make use of Philippe to tour the area..."


Adelaide. AUSTRALIA. January 5, 2015.

Emails to me:

"...Thank you so very much for the wonderful tour today, we so enjoyed meeting you and learning about the region. We can't wait to return in the future and spend more time! We have enjoyed every minute..."


USA. May 3, 2008.


"...We enjoyed meeting you, and wish we could have found out about you sooner. We just passed on your name and contact information to some good friends, Susan and Paul, who are planning a trip to the area..."

Jason and Rebecca.

USA. May 5, 2008.


"...A brief note to thank you for all your help whilst we were in Sarlat. It was a memorable time for us and your expertise in the tourist aspects made it all the better...Thank you again Philippe and best wishes for the future..."

John, Zoe and Louise.

Geelong. AUSTRALIA. July 4, 2008.


"...We're still remembering those two wonderful days with you last May. You did so much to make our trip memorable. One of the highlights was the special, early morning cave visit with private tour. Only you knew the best place for what we wanted to see. Awesome!

Many thanks. Hope life is treating you well..."

Ellie, Patrick, Anne and Tom.

USA. August 18, 2008.


"...Thank you so much for the wonderful taxi tour on January, and most especially for your excellent company and extensive knowledge. It was a perfect afternoon and I greatly enjoyed it. You are a delightful person!..."


USA. February 16, 2009.


"...Thank you very much for giving me a nice drive from Les Eyzies to Pech Merle and Saint Cirq Lapopie. I am now in Tokyo and organizing my memories. It was great to see the beautiful rural scenery from your car's window. A lot of information about local custom and nature that you gave me was quite helpful. I also grateful for your assistance at the cave and hotel reception.

When I have another chance to visit Aquitaine or Midi-Pyrénées, I will definitely ask you for a ride again.

Merci et à très bientôt..."


Tokio. JAPAN. April 19, 2009.


"...Just another thank you for the great tour you gave us in April. The weather was amazing and so where the sights. I'm attaching a photo from our contryside tour - hope it comes through okay. It was a great day - thanks for making it possible..."


USA. May 7, 2009.


"...Just thought I would send you a short email on behalf of the girls and say a big THANK YOU to you for taking us around and on tour in the Dordogne region. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely with you and have now got many fond and fun memories..."


AUSTRALIA. May 8, 2009.


"...This is just a big thank you from Molly and me for our wonderful tour with you last month. Please use us as references anytime, and we hope to be able to book you in the future.

Again, you were so very kind, helpful and well informed. It was our pleasure to have been with you.

Very best wishes from New Mexico and Oregon. Keep our email address - should you ever come to New Mexico, it would be our pleasure to show you around..."

Becky and Molly.

USA. October 2, 2009.


"...I just wanted to thank you for being our guide and driver around the Sarlat area.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Cheryl has recoverd from walking up all those steep hills and steps. Your knowledge of the area is outstanding, we all learnt a great deal about the history, commerce and culture of Sarlat, surrounding areas and indeed all the France. We will all cherish our time spent in France and with you..."

Peter and Cheryl.

AUSTRALIA. October 6, 2009.


"...I just wanted to thank you again for showing Rudy and myself the fabulous caves near Sarlat. The day with you was one of the highlights of the trip and we have given your name to a number of people who now want to visit the caves.

I hope someday we will be able to return (we will certainly contact you months in advance!!).

In the meantime, if you should come to the United States and Washington, D.C. in particular, do contact me for we would love to get together.

Merci for an exceptional and privileged time in Sarlat..."


USA. June 22, 2010.


"...Thank you once again for the great time that you showed us in Sarlat..."

Ken and Robyn.

AUSTRALIA. July 21, 2010.


"...Many thanks for your help with the transfers to and from Bergerac airport/Sarlat for the 4 teenagers in our holiday group. Also thank you for your assistance with the canoeing trip.


My wife and I are happy to recommend you for your professional and friendly taxi/transfer service, your punctuality and for providing the 4 teenagers with a fun trip from the airport. This made sure they enjoyed the holiday right from the start.


Best regards and hope you have a good Summer..."

Keith and Abi.

UK. July 28, 2010.


"...A very late THANK YOU for the absolutely wonderful time you showed us during our time in Sarlat! We enjoyed our trips with you so much, especially the special places you took us to - the river, caves, the castle in the countryside and the lovely lunch we had overlooking Rocamadour. They were great! We were so lucky to have discovered you!!..."


AUSTRALIA. July 31, 2010.


"...Thanks again for such a wonderful tour of the sites..."

Jack and Cheryl.

AUSTRALIA. September 8, 2010.


"...Again, we want to thank you for making our trip here one we will all remember fondly for the rest of our lives. We will take your warmth, your friendship, your humor and your kindness with us as we continue our journey here in France and our journey in life..."

Paul, Susan, Bill and Debbie.

USA. September 10, 2010.


"...Thanks again for driving us all around and making our stay so plesent..."

Janet and Chas.

USA. September 10, 2010.


"...Pamela and I thank you again for your professionalism, friendship - and sense of humor. It made for a much more enjoyable adventure..."

Peter and Pamela.

USA. June 27, 2011.


"...Thank you for the recent tours. We had a lot of fun. We now are home safe and with good memories..."

Caesar family.

USA. June 29, 2011.


"...We really appreciated you taking us to the Lascaux cave and the ride to Rocamadour. We just sent an email to Rick Steves recommending you.

You were timely, spoke great English, knowledgeable and charged what you quoted. We loved your sense of humor too.

Thanks again for taking care of us..."

Connie and Eric.

USA. October 1, 2011.


"...Thank you for giving us such a lovely day, it was a highlight of our trip!

We hope that we might see you again on our next adventure..."

Cathy, Rita, Helen, Lindy and Sue.

AUSTRALIA. October 5, 2011.


"...We would like to thank you once more for the wonderful day we shared with you. My dream for years had been to see the castles along the Dordogne, and you have now made my dream come true. We could never have done it on our own, as we would have spend the day being lost and trying to find the back roads if we had tried to do the tour with a rental car.

By finding your name and e-mail address in the Rick Steves guide book, we were able to sit back and enjoy the scenery with someone else in the driver's seat, and learned so much about the area from your commentary, which we would never have known had we been trying to do the tour on our own.

Not only did you take us to every castle I had on my list of what I wanted to see, you found a few castles to show me that I'd never heard of before. It was a perfect day, and will always be remembered by us as the most exceptional day of our vacation..."

Carol and Frank.

USA. October 29, 2011.


"...When I was a ten year old girl, some sixty years ago, I read about the "painted caves" in the Sarlat area and dreamed that one day I would be able to visit these caves. Thanks to you what I had seen as flat and rather monotome and small in the book I had read as a child was now, three dimensional, rich in color, and overwhelming no matter the size or detail of the drawings. I can't explain the wonderment and the almost spiritual experience that these caves elicited from within me. It was an unforgettable experience.

Thanks Philippe for making my childhood dream a reality and for sharing the beauty of the Sarlat area with my husband and me..."


USA. May 15, 2012.


"...Merci beaucoup pour une journée SUPERBE!!!! We all learned a lot from your wonderful commentary during the drive as well as in the tours. Your recommendations for us were perfect, and very much appreciate your being able to get us into each site so efficiently. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and spend the day with you. We will be sad to leave Sarlat, but will take with us wonderful memories of this very special region of France. Many thanks to you for contributing to a wonderful experience for our family..."

Kathy and Family.

USA. May 19, 2012.


"...Philippe is the best. He is completely reliable, always prompt, filled with interesting information about the region, and a delight to be with. If you don't want to drive in the Dordogne, call Philippe..."


USA. June 6, 2012.


"...We only had one day's stay in Sarlat and only a few hours to visit a few places there. You have made our tour in Sarlat a memorable and enjoyable one to Chateau de Beynac, Jardins de Marqueyssac and La Roque Gageac. You were not only our driver, but a great entertainer who made us laugh throughout the journey. You were also our knowledgeable guide who shared the stories and history of the places. We knew very little French, but you were helpful to speak to us in English. We would like to say Merci beaucoup!..."

Siew Liang and Vivian.

SINGAPORE. August 19, 2012.


"...A big thank you from Joan and I for a great service with a great smile only surpassed by your personality..."


UK. September 8, 2012.


"...We can't thank Philippe Mouret of Allo Philippe Taxi enough for the exceptional transfer from Sarlat to Bordeaux. His new Audi was a dream ride and Philippe was a wonderful host and tour guide through the area. What was a 3 hour transfer turned out to be a fun way to connect and bridge continents and cultures - we enjoyed fantastic conversations on history, business ideation, music and of course...French wine! We would recommend Allo Philippe Taxi for anyone seeking transportation in Aquitaine and in France.


Thank you Allo Philippe Taxi!..."

Julie and Brady.

Aurora. Ohio. USA. September 17, 2012.


"...Thank you, today's tour was excellent, you gave us a lot of good information about this region, and we had good fun.

All good memories for us. Our best wishes..."

Dan and Gabrielle.

NEW ZEALAND. September 27, 2012.


"...I am a former tour guide from Hawai'i, currently an instructor at the largest private school in Honolulu. We visited Sarlat and wanted to rent a car to go to Lascaux II. There is only one small rental car firm that had rented all of its cars already. We were told that there was an expensive option, taking a taxi. We found that the value of Philippe's tour was priceless.

He called ahead to lascaux made a reservation and asked what we were interested in seeing while waiting. I pointed to my camera and said scenic places. He immediately took us to two spots I wouldn't have known to visit. We were having such a good time, it was as if we were long time friends. Philippe is very knowledgeable, kind warm, humorous and an excellent tour driver.

Taxi does not define the roles that Philippe can fulfill. He is a genie that can grant you your wishes. I feel that I have made a life long friend and would welcome him in my home as an honored guest at any time..."


Honolulu. Hawai'i. USA. December 8, 2012.


"...Thank you so much for doing a superior job guiding me around and showing me the beauty that is your part of France...I have told them what a fantastic person you are.

Again, thank you so much for a wonderful, wonderful day. I will never forget it!..."


Oakland. California. USA. January 23, 2013.


"...It was great meeting you and I hope to see you sometime in the near future..."


Florida. USA. May 25, 2013.


"...Thank you so much for taking us to Gourdon and the villages in the Dordogne. It was so nice to have a relaxing afternoon just enjoying the countryside and your company..."

Roy and Jill.

AUSTRALIA. June 25, 2013.


"...Louis and I want to thank you for a wonderful time. Your choices were perfect.

We really appreciate you taking us around and showing us so much of the area. We could not have done it on our own..."


USA. July 22, 2013.


"...Thank you very much for driving us today, it was lovely to meet you...


We look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday!..."


UK. August 1, 2013.


"...We just wanted to say thank you again for making our airport transfers to and from Sarlat so easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.


We will certainly use your services again if we are in the region and will recommend you to family and friends..."

Phil, George, Olivia and Jane.

UK. August 7, 2013.


"...We are finally home and looking at our pictures from our wonderful day with you Philippe. Thank you so much for your knowledge, humour and safe driving. Our day with you was a highlight of our vacation..."

Laura and family.

CANADA. August 19, 2013.


"...My wife and I would like to thank you for driving us along the Dordogne river while we were in Sarlat. We really enjoyed our tour with you visiting many interesting places. Seeing the Beynac castle, the boat ride at La Roque Gageac, and stopping at Domme were the highlights of our trip. You were an excellent guide. Nothing could have been better than having you as a private guide and riding in your comfortable car.


We would like to keep in touch with you: we may return to Sarlat in near future to explore more places in that region..."


Michigan. USA. September 26, 2013.


"...Thank you for an incredible day in the Lot region. It was one of the highlights of my trip. I'm so glad I booked with you! I will probably contact you again when I'm ready to come back to the Lot / Dordogne..."


California. USA. October 2, 2013.


"...If you are looking for a comfortable, safe and informative tour guide; Philippe is your man. He will answer all your questions no matter how he feels. An honest answer, from an honest guy.

We were visiting from California and just wanted to find out more about the countryside and get to enjoy it while someone else did the driving.

The scenery and the stories on the way were amazing. We will recommend him to all of our friends back home. This by far was one of the highlights to our trip to France..."

Kelly and Gary.

California. USA. March 15, 2014.

"...Thank you very much for a wonderful tour. We enjoyed touring with you very much!..."


Colorado. USA. May 21, 2014.


"...It was so great to depen on you for transportation. Thank you very much for taking good care of us. We will recommend you highly to our friends. Hope to see you in Colorado some day!..."


Colorado. USA. June 1, 2014.


"...I just wanted to say a big thank you for our trip to Rouffignac! It was great. I want to come back very soon!..."


UK. July 19, 2014.


"...Paul and I really want to thank you for the day and half we shared travelling. We know we could never have covered as many sites and miles without you. We loved this area and would really love to come back one day, it was very much a highlight of our tour...


I have told all our friends you are the man to hire.


If you ever decide to come down under please let us know so we can be your guide!..."

Deanna and Paul.

AUSTRALIA. October 21, 2014.


"...I can't say enough about the wonderful day we spent with this very colorful Frenchman - so different from a canned tour. Philippe's van was comfortable and our day was completely customized. He arranged tours for us in English of the caves we wished to see and made the history of this special area of France come alive. He was a fascinating raconteur, explaining the troglodyte dwellings on the limestone cliffs, why there are hundreds of castles in the area, even how farmers relax the geese destined for foie gras with classical music. I had always wanted to see the mysterious art of our human ancestors and Philippe truly made my dream come true. Merci, merci!..."


USA. October 21, 2014.


"...We still remember our two days together with you like it was yesterday! I don't know if we will ever take another trip to Europe, but it will never compare to our last one. Meeting you, experiencing your wonderful tours and guidance, and having numerous and lively discussions with you, was, as we say, "the icing on the cake" - the best ever, magnifique!..."

Diane and Chuck.

Oregon. USA. February 28, 2015.


"...Philippe, thank you for today...I look forward to meeting you again, hopefully next year and thank you again for today and everything you shared with me. The Dordogne will be a lasting and most special memory..."


AUSTRALIA. June 1, 2015.


"...Moose and I want to thank you for your wonderful tour guide and taxi service. You are thoroughly professional, from showing up on time, with your immaculately clean car and your driving skills, to driving us around on such beautiful country roads through the countryside. I really appreciated the time you took to customize our tours and make sure they worked for us. Thank you for being willing to get up early to pick us up from our hotel to get to Rouffignac cave on time to get on the first tour of the day; that was a terrific suggestion. Going to Lascaux II after that was a good addition to the Rouffignac tour.


Going to Rocamadour on Tuesday, followed by the trip to Pech Merle was one of the best days I've ever had as a tourist. We both enjoyed your commentary, and your sense of humor; both added tremendously to our vacation. We were sad to say goodbye to you after having you as our tour guide and companion after spending 3 days with you.


Oh, and I also want to thank you for the wine suggestion you gave us; we had some Pécharmant with our dinner on Tuesday night and bought some to bring as a gift to our cousin. She and her husband enjoyed it as well. I loved how knowledgeable about local conditions you are, and how passionate you are about where you live and why you love what you do. It was such a joy to meet you, and spend time with you. If you ever do come to the United States, to California, please do contact us so we can return the favor.


If we do return to the Lot valley or the Dordogne region, we would certainly love to have you as our tour guide again..."

Patti and Moose.

California. USA. August 19, 2015.


"...Philippe, thank you for my time in Sarlat. It is very rare for me to have someone else arrange and manage things for me and even more rare to have confidence that things will be done well. My time with you was a complete luxury. I will always remember the One Cave as a most extraordinary experience and for me it will be known as Philippe's Favourite Cave. I was sad to say goodbye yesterday and therefore did so quickly. I do hope we meet again and you will show me more of your beautiful area. Until then, my thanks..."


AUSTRALIA. June 7, 2016.


"...Philippe met us in Sarlat and took us to visit Lascaux II. He is extremely knowledgeable about the area. When I booked the trip I thought we hired a taxi driver but Philippe is so much more - he is a true tour guide! Meeting Philippe was one of the most memorable moments of our first trip to France. We will never forget how he laughed at us South Africans for telling him a long story about how the best views in Paris are to be had off the rooftop of Printemps - for free! Thank you Philippe for driving us around and chatting to us about France and Dordogne and caves and for listening to our poor French. If we're ever back in the area we'll have to explore the *real* caves with you!

Thank you SO much for our beautiful memories. We wish you well..."

Louise and Alwyn.

SOUTH AFRICA. June 29, 2016.


"...It was good to use your taxi services. Thank you for taking your time in showing all the interesting points and places that we might have missed. Of course we should also thank you for your detailed explanation on the process of producing Foie Gras!..."

Girish and Aradhana.

UK. May 21, 2017.


"...Thank you so much for showing Sabrina and me all the wonders of Sarlat and its environs during our recent trip to France. We could never have managed to see all the sites you selected for us without your assistance. From our first correspondence I was certain we were in good hands. Your careful planning and choice of tours was perfect. Your knowledge of the history and culture of the area surpassed any guidebook, and your choice of places to dine was exceptional. Sabrina and I haven't stopped talking about how special you made us feel during our stay. You are a rare find and we would highly recommend your services to anyone wanting a customized tour of the Dordogne area.


Thank you so much. We consider you a special friend and look forward to showing you the sites of Las Vegas whenever you choose to come to the USA..."

Leslie and Sabrina.

USA. June 25, 2017.


"...it would refresh our memory of the excellent time we had in the area. A good amount of the credit goes to you for being such well informed, friendly, pleasant and relaxed guide.


Best wishes to you and your wife. Enjoy life and continue to give joy to your customers and all the people you know in Dordogne Valley and beyond!..."

Girish and Aradhana.

UK. July 2, 2017.


"...Jim and I wanted to thank you first of all for picking us up yesterday and for making our ride to the hotel extremely wonderful and funny!! We look forward to our next adventure together with you tomorrow!!..."

Patty and Jim.

California. USA. July 31, 2017.


"...Both Terry and I did enjoy our time together yesterday exploring this delightfull area in your company.

The fact that you managed to take us to all the preferred locations within 8 hours considering the difficult and limited parking was a huge effort on your behalf.

We have already decided to return next year in September for at least two weeks to further enjoy this fantastic area in the Perigord..."

Brian and Terry.

AUSTRALIA. August 18, 2017.


"...Your planning and attention to detail made our time with you so special. We can't thank you enough..."

David and Pat.

USA. September 12, 2017.


"...We miss you already. You now are officially our best friend in France. Talk again later..."

David and Pat.

USA. September 13, 2017.


"...I send you a very big thank you for your wonderful company and guiding. You took us to some very special caves and brasseries!..."


KENYA. September 18, 2017.


"...Thanks for setting up and giving us such a great trip..."


KENYA. September 21, 2017.


"...Best Tour Guide in Dordogne area of France.


Pat and I just returned from a trip to France and we made a new friend in Sarlat. His name is Philippe and he provided us with much more than a simple tour of the area and caves. His English is very good; his knowledge of the Dordogne region is excellent. He also has a great sense of humor. We decided to use Philippe instead of trying to navigate the area on our own in a rental car. Best decision we made on the trip.


We want to recommend Philippe Mouret if you are considering travel to see the prehistoric cave art in the Dordogne region or tour the castles and villages in the area, make sure you contact Philippe Mouret at Allo Philippe Taxi in Sarlat; Email at: allophilippetaxi@wanadoo.fr   Check-out his web page at: www.allophilippetaxi.com


Seeing the cave art in the prehistoric caves in the region was high on our list and we only had a few days to see as much as we could. Philippe made it all happen in the best way possible with detailed planning and working with us to plan efficient daily schedules. He got us tickets for the Font de Gaume cave six months in advance for the English speaking tour on the day we needed it to happen. We visited Rouffignac and Sorcier caves on the same day as Font de Gaume with lunch in between.


He is always on time (usually 5-10 minutes early) and ready to hit the road. We learned more about the history of the caves and the area from Philippe than we ever could have on our own. Philippe's ability to get to the caves with special parking privileges made things easy and special for us.


We were lucky to have Philippe while staying in Sarlat as he picked us up in Bordeaux to start our trip, spent three days with us, leaving us a half day to explore Sarlat on our own. The return trip to Bordeaux included a stop in St Emilion at the Chateau ... to meet the owner, Brigitte and taste some wine. Philippe worked hard to find a vinery willing to a tour and tasting for only two people. It turned out the timing was such that the Merlot grapes were ready for picking that morning and work had started. Brigitte still took the time to show us around, taste the grapes that were being picked that morning, and explain how their process worked from start to finish. We tasted great wine, bought some and went on our way to the old city of St Emilion before heading off to Bordeaux where we were getting ready for an AMA cruise..."

David and Pat.

USA. October 18, 2017.


"...We wanted to thank you once again for the special times you provided for us while we visited the Dordogne...


If you ever want to visit the Pacific Northwest and the Seattle area, please let us know in advance and we will do what we can to make your trip more enjoyable..."

David and Pat.

USA. October 20, 2017.


"...To the best guide ever...Thank you for a wonderful trip!..."

Jamie and Chris.

USA. May 16, 2018.


"...We had a great time with you!..."

Jamie and Chris.

USA. June 2, 2018.